Newsletter – Autumn/Winter 2017

  • More and more people suffer with driving vision difficulties and in recent years the busier roads and new style headlights have made this problem worse.

    Your eyes have to process a huge amount of information whilst driving, with 90% of a driver’s reaction time dependent on vision. When our vision is reduced our reactions are slower, making driving feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

    Specifically designed to counter these issues we are pleased to announce the release of the EnRoute and EnRoute Pro lenses by Hoya. The EnRoute lens is designed specifically for driving and has a specially developed filter which reduces reflections and glare from LED and Xenon headlights, as well as streetlights. 

    For the more professional or frequent driver, the EnRoute Pro has the benefit of an additional contrast-enhancing filter for improved contrast and colour perception, so you can now have improved comfort and confidence in your driving vision, even in poor light and bad weather.

    Available in single vision lenses and varifocals, the single vision lenses give unimpaired vision in the far distance, dashboard and mirrors; the varifocal is devised to ensure the dashboard is clear as well, for a natural, relaxed driving posture.

    Our patient JS at our Hedge End practice was so impressed that she said “The flare I was getting from oncoming car lights was so bad at night that I felt unsafe to drive.  With the new lenses the flare is reduced to normal and I am back on the road!”

    Visit your local branch to find out more and see for yourself or click here to book an appointment

    Quote NAW17 for an exclusive newsletter subscriber discount of 10% on EnRoute lenses until 31st January 2018.

  • Rawlings is pleased to offer BlephEx, the newest treatment for blepharitis. It is a quick and painless procedure performed in-practice by your eye care practitioner.

    With BlephEx the optician thoroughly removes secretory build up (sometimes called ‘sleepy dust’) and bacterial debris around the eyelids, which can be the cause of inflammatory lid disease and blepharitis.

    BlephEx can also be used prior to some types of eye surgery, such as cataract removal, as a one-off treatment to clean the lids of debris (which can harbour bacteria) and may help reduce the risk of infection following the surgery.

    The glands around the eye produce oils that are essential to keep the surface of the eye well lubricated with quality tears.  When the surface of the eye (or the contact lens) is drier than normal, the eyelids move across it and pick up the debris and bacteria which haven’t been washed away, much like the windscreen wipers on a dry windscreen.

    This debris can block the oil glands, allowing bacteria and Demodex mites (parasitic mites living in and around the hair follicles) to thrive causing complications and uncomfortable eyes.

    Symptoms you may experience if you have blepharitis include:

    • Itching or scratchy eyes
    • Foreign body sensation
    • Tearing
    • Crusting
    • Redness/inflammation
    • Dry eyes

    BlephEx treatment uses a soft, medical grade disposable micro-sponge which is soaked in a Ocusoft foaming eyelid cleanser, and then spins whilst moving across the eyelids, gently unblocking the oil glands and effectively removing the debris for clean, clear and comfortable eyes. 

    The treatment is beneficial for anyone suffering from Dry Eye Disease, Contact Lens Discomfort, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

    For more information or to book an appointment please contact your local branch of Rawlings. The procedure is quick and painless and most patients simply report a tickling sensation.

  • The team were delighted to be voted as Winchester’s Favourite Independent in the Winchester Independents Awards. Practice Manager Sally Hake and Optical Assistant Trish Milton accepted the award at a ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Winchester Cllr David McLean at Abbey House in September.

    Luke Allen, one of our Optometrists, was also named runner up for Young Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year at the prestigious BCLA Awards in June. Luke has also been nominated for Newly Qualified Optometrist of the Year 2018 in the prestigious Association of Optometrists national awards. If you would like to vote for Luke it’s very easy and will only take a moment of your time. Click on the link select Luke and click DONE. Voting closes at 2pm on 12th December and the winner will be announced in January.

    Luke is one of the country’s leading practitioners in the fitting of MiSight contact lenses for Myopia Management. His expertise in this area led him to be invited to appear on stage as a question panel expert at the British Contact Lens Association’s conference, the largest and most important international contact lens conference, in June. He is involved in presentations around the country about MiSight lenses and has recently been invited to join the British Contact Lens Association Council.

    Click here to book an appointment to see Luke or one of the award winning team at Winchester

  • Our website has been upgraded with a host of new information and features to make it easier to view on a mobile or tablet including the option to order your contact lenses using the website.

    Our new responsive website was launched over the summer to give a more user-friendly experience for viewing on tablets and mobile phones. You will find a wealth of information covering everything from Myopia Management for children to Enhanced Reading Lenses for adults and of course details of Rawlings Vision Plan Plus explaining the benefits of up to 40% reduction on the cost of your spectacle lenses!

    Amongst the new features, members of Rawlings Vision Plan who wear contact lenses can now order contact lenses directly through the website for convenience.

    Our branch pages have details of opening hours, parking and transport plus a short biography of the manager and the eye care professionals working at each branch. Each of our branches carry a variety of brands and these are also there for you to see.

    Look for the pink button on the homepage to fill in a short feedback form to win back the cost of your last pair of glasses – we’d love to hear from you!

  • Give us your feedback and win the cost of your glasses back in our competition.

    At Rawlings we are always striving to give the best possible customer service and in order to gain a better insight into the level of service that patients feel they receive, you can fill out your experiences using our online feedback questionnaire.

    This is easily accessed from our website homepage by clicking the pink FEEDBACK button, and gives you the opportunity to provide information on all areas of your Rawlings journey; from booking the appointment, to your eye examination, and choosing spectacles.

    We really value all the comments that we receive; these help us to ensure that we are providing the best level of care for our patients.

    There is also a Reviews page, which shows additional comments that patients have left on the feedback form. As you will see by visiting this page, recurring comments from patients include: excellent eye examination; staff being very professional and pleasant; and that they would recommend friends and family to visit Rawlings for all their eye care needs.

    The latest winners were Malcolm P at our Caterham practice and Valerie W at our Hedge End practice. They both received the cost of their glasses returned which totalled over £350.

    We would love to hear your comments so please click the feedback button.

  • With the ski and snowboard season fast approaching it’s time to think about your eye protection and make sure it’s up to the task of giving you perfect vision in all conditions and protecting you from UV as well as looking good on the slopes.

    At high altitude you are exposed to much higher levels of UV than found at sea level which can cause eye and skin problems if precautions are not taken. A high factor sunscreen applied regularly through the day will protect the skin and good quality sun wear will protect the eyes. Luckily Rawlings can supply you and your family with all the UV eye protection you need. We also stock adults and smaller / junior sizes for this purpose.

    The vagaries of mountain weather can mean that skiers may be out in flat light, misty conditions and clear conditions with bright sunshine at different times on the same day. These differing conditions require different lenses to suit. High UV protection is still necessary in poor light/misty conditions but a light enhancing tint is more appropriate with the added benefit of showing up bumps and moguls on the snow surface.

    Most people have goggles and sunglasses to cover for all conditions but whichever you choose, you can get expert help and advice on the best product from our qualified Dispensing Opticians. The latest products for the ski season will be arriving in November so you will have plenty of time to come and choose before you travel.

    Don’t forget that we offer our sunglasses price promise on all our sunglasses and goggles so you can be sure that they will be cheaper than the airport and any local stores. You will also have peace of mind that they are fitted perfectly and are guaranteed original products which will give your eyes complete protection. Research shows that 76% of Ray-Ban and 48% of Oakley sunglasses sold online are fake and offer no guarantee of your eye protection.

    Pop in to your local store to see these new products or book an appointment for a sports eyewear consultation.